Friday, November 16, 2007

LA Designer's night

Last night was quite an experience, I've never seen so many people with the same mindset in the same place at the same time. I met some of my "heroes" Talked to some CCS alumnies, some of these guys have been in the field forever!, they gave me some goood insight on where I should go. Our faculties were also there, Kuni Ito and Mark West, who came to BMW the day before to talk to my boss about CCS's relationship with designworks. (This is a GOOOD thing) I also met many famous west coast designers. (Patrick Faulwetter was one of them.. ) Met up with former classmates, Jason Brown gave me a whole new wave of enthusiasm, he's the guy that worked hard, ignored everything people say, and made it big time. Now he's in the west enjoying the warm weather and living the life. He gets paid more than both my parents put together, but he still complains =) I also met up with 2 of my GM buddies from Academy of the Art University, Paul Kim and Nan Yu knows how to have a good time! I cant wait to see both of them in the industry soon, they will surely finish before me and get a head start. They bought their whole class down with them, and from what I hear, they are some serious talents (watch out CCS and ACCD) After all this fun, I am back to work this morning. One thing that differs now is my view on west coast design companies ( as one CCS alumni puts it, " Gm was like a cage where you hone your skills until you are good enough to escape to the west coast, where designers belong.")(the quote was something like that, I was a bit tipsy to fully quote him) this is very true in many instances, But the fact that he went through both east and west coast circles made it all the more credible. It was an overall awsome experience! back to thinkching(sketching and thinking made one work) haha

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