Monday, December 24, 2007


After a long conversation with a close buddy of mine from school, I am glad to say that the new year is going to be good. firstly, I want to congratulate the three guys for getting instant internships with GM ( this is insane!) I cant believe that they got this good =) (just kidding) I cant wait to see their projects. I gotta say I am a bit sadden that I didnt get to do this internship with them. IT would have been fun, we would have all had money and spent it unwisely together. I dont even know where I will be next summer, but I am pretty sure it wont be in Michigan. I am just glad and so proud to be in the same class to these guys .. well Merry Christmas, and a good good new year, more nonstop nights and caffeine high days. MORE green drinksss! hahaha and green tea of course.

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PK said...

dong, where do you plan on being next summr? any idea? =)