Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Boys.. I need you guys to redesign the Ford Pantera. I am getting a bunch of people to do it .. some people here from Designworks also.. please do it .. it can be just a sketch.. or a rendering.. put your best out there. I am gonna post it up on the blog.. it would be nice to see different styles arite sweet. if you see each other in class, please pass it around , Paul, can you get your buddies at the Academy to do some sketching too? I know its crunch time right now for everyone. but .. IT'll just sharpen your design skills more. PANTERA.. like the car in the previous posts.. this should be fun! I will post all sketches that I get. please send all sketches to in Jpeg format. If there are people whom I dont know that might be looking at this blog, please send in your inputs too . .I would love to see more outside of my bubble..


Marcel said...

The panther is not a common car in Brazil!

The engine is front or rear?

transpot said...

Its a car made by detomaso the 70s.. Ford imported them and it has a midship mounted ford motor.. so the proportion is a bit cab-forward.