Monday, April 14, 2008

dream machine

a little thing from NASF


Sussman said...

ok just finished browsing all of your blog posts...great stuff! really love your digital addiction. I still appreciate sketches done by hand i.e. sam bell-digital sketches are sweet, true-but something about hand sketching still tickles...anyway, thanks for all the eye candy-are you working now?

Dong said...

Hey, Thanks for the positive comments Sussman.. umm me , sam bell, tyler moffett evan mai and filip bosevski.. we're all still in school, this the our 3rd year.. so we still all have a year left to go.. this summer, Evan tyler and sam are going to gm, filip is going to nissan and i am going to toyota japan... Whats up with you?

Daadaa said...

i almost hate u! :P
im at coventry atm, and really jealous on the projects u guys get to do!
anyway! great work and hope to see more stuff!

Dong said...

haha there is NOTHING to be jealous about. this project was literally a 2 day project.. i WISHED we had a sponsorship like this .. and actually do a model.. but nope .. just a sketch project. =)