Thursday, July 24, 2008


i am currently in tokyo right now.. designing "cars" .. yea right .. i am struggling to get to work everyday.. i have never felt so lost in my whole entire life.. but its good, it is a humbling experience to work with these guys.. even the interns i work with are too fast and too creative for me (Mihai the photoshop master.. and Daniel.. well lets just say Daniel is a masters student .. and he is master at CRAZY SHIET! we have no idea what is going on in his head half the time.).. this sucks.. so i have resorted to sketching random things that i like.. to get away i guess.. I am missing the US.. But Tokyo is quite something else entirely.


Jason Ho said...

hahaha keep it up man, almost there!
take some pictures, i'm quite interested to see the environment

Anonymous said...

You are as vague as I am in your entries. Guess who. Hint: Ambiguity.

Daney Chhang said...

love your works dude. keep us posted man.