Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hyundai Concept Hydrogen 2020

Wrapping up the Hyundai sponsored studio. Photos of model coming soon


Anonymous said...

I like the interior work and the design inspiration applied to the space frame. Exposing the frame that follows from the cowl was a strong theme that carried nicely into an interesting rear. However, I think the stance of the front is weaker the front that the rear. The rear fenders have a nice articulation which gives it a nice stance, but the front looks weak, as if someone sat on the front of the car. I also wish that there was more detail on the rocker. It feels as if it needs more detail to go along with the high detail of the exposed interior; perhaps more shapes to emphasize the architectural theme. Looking at your ideation sketches I saw more interesting themes than in the final product. Its a nice concept tho.

FiChO said...

great animation bro, i never saw it at presentation cause i had to go...but damn,very nicely done